Panasonic 7.0 Kg NA-F70H3 Fully Automatic

Dimensions(mm)520 x 562 x8 94
Type:Fully Automatic
Special Features:Aqua Shower, Double Action Pulsator, Transparent Window Type
Loading Type:Top
Interior:1 Wash/Spin Baskets, Basket Material Stainless Steel
Other Body Features:Stainless Steel SAZANAMI Drum
Water Level Settings:Yes (6 levels)
Fuzzy Logic:No
Other Washing Features:Foam Wash, Single Type,Aquabeat Wash ,Dancing Water Flow, Aqua Spin Rinse
Other Wash Modes:Foam Wash,Aquabeat Wash, Aqua Spin Rinse
Other Convenience Features:Auto Re-start (with LED indicator), Auto Power Off, Delay Start(1-19 h) with Digital LED
Child Lock:Yes
Other Safety Features:Anti-bacterial Pulsator,Safety Buzzer
Additional Features:

Loading Speed : 720 RPM

Sazanami Drum: Ideal for thoroughly removing dirt while being gentle to clothes.

Curbs Stress on Clothing, with a kinder, more streamlined spin Cycle

Anti Bacterial Coating: Suppress Bacterial Growth by 99.99% with the help of Anti Bacterial Silver Ion (Ag)

Aquabeat Wash: Prevent Dirt from reattaching to the clothes

Aqua Spin Rinse: Prevent Water Wastage

Foam Wash : Turn Detergent to higly concentrated cleaning foam

Dancing Water Flow

Advance Auto Restart



Pulsator:Double Action
Wash Programs:8 Programmed Courses [Normal, Speedy, Bed Sheet, Baby-Care, Delicate, Air Dry, Daily Sari, Tub Hygiene]
Display Type:Digital
Spin Motor(Watts):Spin Speed 720 rpm
Body Color:Lid Color Maroon, Body Color White

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