Panasonic 7.0 Kg NA-F70H3 Fully Automatic( ₹ 0) is more popular than Godrej GWF 651 FCS( ₹ 15,500)

SpecificationsPanasonic 7.0 Kg NA-F70H3 Fully Automatic(More info)Godrej GWF 651 FCS(More info)
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Dimensions :520 x 562 x8 94540 x 940 x 562
Type: :Fully AutomaticFully Automatic
Capacity :76.5
Special Features :Aqua Shower, Double Action Pulsator, Transparent Window TypeDigital Display
Loading Type :TopTop
Interior :1 Wash/Spin Baskets, Basket Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Other Body Features :Stainless Steel SAZANAMI DrumStainless Steel Drum, Transparent Window (Glass Type)
Water Level Settings :Yes (6 levels)8 Levels
Fuzzy Logic :NoYes
Other Washing Features :Foam Wash, Single Type,Aquabeat Wash ,Dancing Water Flow, Aqua Spin RinseWash Cycle
Other Wash Mode :Foam Wash,Aquabeat Wash, Aqua Spin Rinse6 Motion Direct Drive, Cotton, Wool
Other Convenience Features :Auto Re-start (with LED indicator), Auto Power Off, Delay Start(1-19 h) with Digital LEDMemory Backup, Auto Restart, Delay Start hrs, Preset Start hrs, Magic Filter
Child Lock :YesYes
Additional Features

Loading Speed : 720 RPM

Sazanami Drum: Ideal for thoroughly removing dirt while being gentle to clothes.

Curbs Stress on Clothing, with a kinder, more streamlined spin Cycle

Anti Bacterial Coating: Suppress Bacterial Growth by 99.99% with the help of Anti Bacterial Silver Ion (Ag)

Aquabeat Wash: Prevent Dirt from reattaching to the clothes

Aqua Spin Rinse: Prevent Water Wastage

Foam Wash : Turn Detergent to higly concentrated cleaning foam

Dancing Water Flow

Advance Auto Restart



Auto Balance System, Dry Tap Protection, Soak Function, Cold Temperature Selection, Washing, Rinsing and Spin Drying Control Panel, 1-23 hrs Starting Program Operation, 3 Types Rinses, Cold Water Inlet, Stabilizer Free Operation, PU Coating, 15 mins Sounding Beeps and Flickering LEDs, LED Digital Display
Wash Programs :8 Programmed Courses [Normal, Speedy, Bed Sheet, Baby-Care, Delicate, Air Dry, Daily Sari, Tub Hygiene]Normal, Delicates, Overflow Rinse, Custom, Eco-speedy, and Blanket Wash Program
Display Type :Digital Digital display (LED)
Body Color :Lid Color Maroon, Body Color WhiteSilver

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